Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bored? Try Twilight

BigD reminded me last night that I haven't written anything to entertain him or the 3 other people who read this in TWO WEEKS. WELL...for starters between the two lax kids there have been something like 13 games in 8 days. It's been either raining or freezing, or both.
Loathe to write about lax yet - though I feel sure it's coming - I went to Imagination Prompt Generator!

Last quarter at school I taught an 'elective' Creative Writing for 8th grade students. Elective means it doesn't actually count. Creative Writing means you get an A unless you turn in absolutely nothing. That's what it means for students. For the teacher it means come up with something stimulating (Facebook) and 'worth my time' (Twilight) for a group of incredibly wise 8th graders. A solid characteristic of the 8th grade is that all students are bored, all classes are useless, all assignments are pointless and all teachers are numbingly stupid. Also, most have some strong opinions about Twilight.
In my search for constant 8th grade stimulation I found this little gem: Imagination Prompt Generator. It has a "Next Prompt" button that one clicks for a series of deep and stimulating questions, about which one might write. Whenever a student finished my genius assignment too soon (as in 5 minutes), I directed them to Imagination Prompt Generator and told them to write as much or as little as they wanted about as many or few prompts as they chose. If nothing else, it held their attention as they clicked 'next prompt' and snickered about the lameness of the prompts. Let's see what it does for me!
Does God care? Whoa, strong way to start! The answer is YES. Next prompt?
What should you be doing instead of sitting at the computer right now? Nothing is more important than absolute obsession with BravoTV and the lives of strangers strewn across the United States.
Maybe laundry.
Maybe not.
What remains constant in your life? Laundry.
Describe a trip downtown as a youngster. "Youngster"? Seriously? Even I think this is lame, due entirely to the word "youngster." Next.
My three closest friends.... The people who are sitting next to me in whatever bleachers I find myself.

Feeling low? Why? Is the other choice, "Feeling HIGH?" Not EVEN going there.

Look out the window. Write about what you see. I see a bunch of yard work that needs to be done. Do you really want to know about that?
What do you do with all of the things that you write about? Sorry, I don't understand the question. At all.
List five things you need. Will one do?
How old would you be if you didn't know your real age? I would be a vampire and I would be 17 forever.

Ten people who are alive today I would love to meet (and why). You can tell a teacher wrote this one because it is supposed to take a long time to write the answer. Alternate answer: the whole cast of the Twilight movie.
What was the last CD you bought? Debussy, like Edward Cullen. Because I live for Twilight.
Write about your favorite pet. Lame. Next prompt.

Did you have a bicycle? What was it like? Pink, I think. I read Fat Cyclist, does that count?

When someone asks for your opinion, are you always honest? Why or why not? Oh, please. Next prompt.
Without my children, I'd.... not be spending my life at the lacrosse field, that's for sure.
Do you have choices? Yes, and I choose next prompt.
How do you feel today? Bored, perhaps I will watch Twilight the movie. Oh wait, I forgot, the school play. Cinderella. Same thing.

How do you feel about the holidays? the ones where I should cook, clean up and decorate? or the ones where I don't have to go to school?
Does belief in a higher power matter? Again? See first question.

What is YOUR meaning of life? I'm done.


Kat said...

Mmm. Edward.
Sorry. I kind of spaced on the pictures. Such a distraction.

Anonymous said...

Love the prompt the Twilight pictures too...