Sunday, April 19, 2009

Secret Conversations at Lacrosse

I wish I had had a visual record of every lacrosse game that PPP has played, with my commentary. I do. Wish that.

Nope, I was lying. I don't wish that.
I like this part. They line up and say "Good game! Good game! Good game!" and they say it even when the game has been horrible and unfair and wicked. Also they are hoping that no one has spit on her hand. That stuff I like. PPP and our Young Son aren't lacrosse All Americans, but they just have so much fun playing the game. It's really fun to watch.

And I do love to have compelling and uplifting conversations with the other parents during the games. The MANY games we go to each and every week.

Filmster: What's your Young Son's name? Isn't it something like Edward ? Cullen? I can't quite remember. Does he actually PLAY in lacrosse games?

Me: Bleh, bleh, mumble, mumble...stunned into silence. I don't multi-task as well as I might, and am easily stunned into silence by...well, you know, unexpected questions. Phrased unexpectedly.

Filmster: (into the camera) That was a bad call. Reffing is terrible. (to me) Oh, but does he ever actually PLAY?

Me: Do you think I sit in the freezing rain, the horrible cold drinking nasty hot chocolate just to watch Big Russ play? Though Big Russ is pretty awesome.

Filmster: Well, does your Brutus actually play? Maybe he's on the JV team? (Into the camera) Not my PreshBabe's fault! Way to go Babe!!!!! (Really loud, Babe can hear)

Me: Do you think I sit in the beautiful afternoon sunlight with my friends, chatting away awaiting Babe's breathless arrival to see Big Russ play, because...

Filmster: (into the camera) Not Babe's fault. Dirty Shot! Shake it off Babe! (to me) So, your young Son, what's his name? Emil? He does stuff like keep score? Is he on the practice team? Run the clock, Blow the horn? What is it? Francis? Me: NO, actually he plays. PPP does the clock and the horn.

Filmster: JV though, not on the real team? (to the camera) Somebody else didn't give good coverage! Good move, Babe!
Me: Yes, on the JV. He's like a water boy. Sometimes they let him wash the dirty socks. The socks of Big Russ. (Is that the right answer - the one that will make this end?)
Filmster: Way to go Babe...Yeah, that's what I thought. What's his name again? Otto?
Even though I don't have a visual record of every game PPP has played, I do have a visual record of....well, you know. Interesting stuff.

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