Thursday, May 22, 2008

Laun - dro-mat, a very warm place

A week ago .... or maybe it was two or three or nine weeks ago....I discovered my awesome washing machine unresponsive, running but stuck. My super-size washer has never let me down. It does give me sheets wound into sopping ropes and tied into big drippy knots, but nevertheless, it tells me at any given moment, how much longer until it finishes. I do NOT however like that it locks, and I can't lift the top to see it washing. As is my custom, I sent a minion-child down to see "how many more minutes until it's time to put the clothes in the dryer." the answer was 31 minutes... later, still 31 minutes, later still 31 minutes. Since I assumed (wrongly) that my Young Son was NOT ACTUALLY CHECKING, I went to find it stuck sloshing at 31 minutes and locked. After much ado, we did get it unlocked a tech guru, I unplugged it and re-start it. Since I often do laundry overnight, I went to bed. The next morning, about 16 hours and 12 minutes after we started round 2, it still had 46 minutes left. Chugging along, locked at 46 minutes. I DON'T HAVE TIME to deal with the Maytag man, in two weeks maybe, but not this week. So....183 loads of laundry, broken washing machine. Is there a question here? The laudromat - where once I did a solid 19 loads of laundry in 3 hours? And that's quick! when you have about 183!

Pretty Pretty Princess was willing to go. Yea, PPP! Young Son loaded the car as a show of support.

The bedding plants I bought 3 weeks ago... not yet bedded. Can they just put themselves to bed?

That smell is intoxicating - all clean and warm, with undernotes of chlorine. . My loads are sloshing and sudsing and bubbling. I put my stuff on top of the washers, so I would know where my clothes are. That's MY Downy, MY laundry plastic thing and MY cup with green dots, on top of MY laundry.
Suds pretty much look the same. Though that a red...wet thing? Is it ours or is my stuff on top of random laundry?
The laundromat guy brought me orange stickies -because he noticed that I had "stuff kinda all over the place' - Indeed, that would be 12 of those mamas all over the place. I was the ONLY ONE in the place with orange stickers. All of them sloshing at the SAME TIME! It's a miracle - and fast too. On to the dryers...Rows and rows of dryers - and they are all full of our stuff - at the same time! And yes, those are our a little line, staking out more dryers. I am doing HOURS ....nay, DAYS worth of laundry at the same time. This is a good thing. When we leave here, we'll be done.
She's not looking quite as pleased as I feel. I have a place deep down inside that LOVES the smell of laundry. It's a scar, albeit a good scar.....deep down inside. Other scars from laundry are from the searing hot clothes as they come out of these big boys.
We used 11 dryers ....don't worry about it.

Do we OWN anything that color? PPP says yes, probably one of her 27,196 tee shirts. That allows her to go 7 weeks without doing laundry and still wearing clean clothes. She claims. You had me at 'Sorry' . . .Don't worry, we'll still BE HERE in thirty days. Wait! No! They kicked us out! I had only one more load, the one that had been used ...accidentally, I feel some sort of stand-in litter box affair by the kittens, and possibly the dog on a rainy day. He's stubborn like that. Guys...they relieve themselves wherever is convenient. But, back to laundry....AHA, progress!

Never mind that the clothes are blistering her hands, PPP appears to be folding that ....thing of it comes out of the dryer.
Voila! ....or Bravo! or Ole! or "Who would have thought all of our clothes would fold up into neat little piles?" And we had some quarters left. My cup with the cute, yea, daughters, great Mother's Day! Meanwhile, back at home .....dusk deepens, bedding plants...still not bedded. Somehow I thought that would happen while I was gone.
All together, that first round took us two trips, about 20 loads in their washers (which translates to about 56 in my humble home-style machine) - and we used every dryer we could get our hands on. Though there was a lady there who raced me to a dryer - but that's a whole different story. We spent a lot of quarters - say maybe $32 or 4 pounds worth of quarters. And my Young Son wants me to count the cost of my time - so, that would be another $210,000 or $1.19, depending on how you count it.
Just saying.


Anonymous said...

laundry is my fav smell ev. just wanted to leave u a com w/ sum abrevs. rofl anyway the laundromat is supa fun always an adven. :) ily

Tam said...

hi THANKS FOR THE COMMENT ON MY BLOG! I was going back and reading your blog. Our Laundromats here in Savannah are not that nice. OURs is a PIT! MY washer broke down last year and we did the laudromat thing and well IT was awful so for weeks we decided to suck it up until we moved. So alas we had no clothes left and my HUBSAND decided to take them to the CLeaners and get them all washed and folded. Sorry this is getting long. HE came home with all our things folded and clean and it was 600.00 dollars. YES that is what it cost him to get it all done at the Dry Cleaners...they wash and fold by weight. 600.00 we moved and our new washer arrived and well I will never let a Man do the Laundry again!