Monday, May 19, 2008

seasons change

The season is changing. The balmy spring days of lacrosse are over and they have weighed-in for football (does the phrase 'rocks in your pocket' mean anything?). The Pretty Pretty Princess is anticipating all things 'senior year'. While it's liberating to be done with practices and the games and the games and the make up games and the games, is it really time to put this behind?
It's a fast paced game, lots of running!

OK! A little time for chatting, But the men's game! lots of running!It's fast paced, and really compelling to watch!

It moves so fast, you just can't turn away.It's critical to keep up with the score, the stats, the numbers, because if you miss even a second... you could miss.....something really compelling.It's really hard to take your eyes off the game, even for the second it takes to send a text. Or read a text. And at the end of the game, the guys are just so, so, so.....Sweaty. They are just so, so sweaty. But we have this to look forward to...Also fast paced, compelling action. Only hotter. Because it will be August.

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Anonymous said...

sicily and i didn't get along..just saying. oh, and i'm looking forward to stalking ben and russell in the fall :)