Monday, November 17, 2008


On Friday night...THE Friday night, the one to decide whether or not our team goes to the state championship game...that Friday night, the weather was SO not good. I think perhaps we haven't seen rain all season. We saw it.
Actually I saw a bunch of umbrellas on arrival. The other guys had their umbrellas up for the warm-up.
Our parents huddled under our cozy sheltered brick and concrete stands and did NOT have our umbrellas up. We were trying to bundle a little bit though, against the rain and the impending cold, as the temperature dropped about 120 degrees during the game. We don't do cold so well.We did eventually get our umbrellas up.
I saw a LOT of this umbrella. Though not so much football. Also, felt the rain drip off this umbrella into my lap, when the child who was holding it used it as a sort of cheering shaker.
So, I moved to a place where the people didn't use an umbrella, rather wore hats and/or hood. They also cue me when good stuff happens. I depend on my friends.
We did not however wear a garbage bag or hunting clothes. At least I didn't. Some people did. Just saying.This guy looks worried all the time, win or lose. His older son was on a state championship team. This time, it's his number 2 son. It sometimes worries me when he's worried. Mr. T. looks somber, ALWAYS! He's the spotter, who tells me when our Young Son is in.
Just checking. They're there. They've been there, pretty much together, all season. Both of them, the roaming ones, Big Russ and our Young Son. I could prove it with pictures, but the pictures all look exactly alike. Our Young Son hasn't "been in" for while, this is the serious championship stuff. Not the scrawny sophomore stuff.
These boys always start the same way. First the prayer, then the very inspirational chant with the helmet raising. I used to think they said cool and inspirational stuff. Now I know they say stuff about blood and end with KILL! KILL! KILL!
And they DID! They KILLED! KILLED! KILLED! They're all over it. But the U still stands for undefeated.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

OK I am going to have to show my sports ignorance here, did they win?
If they did, HORRAY!


kikibibi said...

Hello friend! I think I might have found my voice and now blogs are spewing like, wait, I don't use words like "spewing". Let's just say I think I'm back online.

Yay Young Son's team! Football winning is FUN! My #21 is having a great year, and actually started in yesterday's game!!! Ooo wait, I think I have ANOTHER thing to blog/brag about now!

Come visit sometime soon! kk

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Congrats "football mom!"