Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Wedding - Like a Box of Chocolates

I dream about THEME weddings. If YOU were getting married on Valentine's Day, what would you do? You know, to carry out your Valentine theme? De-lish bridesmaid's dresses that look like cupcakes? Chocolate brown satin with a big red silky sash. Like a heart-shaped box of Valentine candy. Only poufier.Would you put your Junior Bridesmaids in the opposite or reverse or whatever you call it? Red satin cupcake dresses with big chocolate brown bows. Just like the heart boxes of candy.Everybody wants to take pictures on wedding day. However, not everyone is ready to be photographed, and if I were the lady smack in the middle of that picture?...Just sayin.'Especially when one has a lipstick-red Valentine-ish wedding cake with chocolate brown flowers pressed on to the very red cake. With a chocolate faux snake winding its way across the top. I don't think that's actually supposed to be a chocolate snake. I think further adjustments were made. Snake on cake? Not so much, even for Valentines Day.
Red tablecloths over white. Chocolate scented candles, perhaps? Red satin dresses with brown satin sashes, brown satin dresses with red satin bows. Nothing says wedding like satin and big petticoats. "Strapless" could come close.
The bouquets? Luscious Valentine ruby red roses with lacy white hydrangeas. A virtual doily-and-heart-valentine bouquet. Virtually. The men wore red vests and ties with their tuxes. Big lip-smacking red roses for bouts. Not these delicate luminescent fuh-reeeee-sha. BO-RING! Remember the theme! This is a full-onValentine's Day wedding.

Valentine's a box of chocolates! I knew you'd do that whole chocolate and red roses theme thing! Love was in the air.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, you "did" a Valentine's Day wedding, too!!

Did you take these photos?

I'm a little bit old and YES the wedding wore me out. I wasn't tired AT ALL until I left, but I crashed like none other when I got home and slept in later the next day than I have in years.

I wondered HOW MANY red dresses on bridesmaids were walking around on Saturday...

Kat said...

Ooooo! I love it. Love the dresses, love the cake, love the tables. Love it!!! said...

ohhhh.... and i do so still love the understated freeeeesha. if i were ever so inclined to a wedding. which i'm not. as it has finally been as many years (almost) since john, as with john.

shout a big hooooray.!!.