Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chili knows what he wants - quick.

Chili knows what he wants. He was probably telling his Lovely bride right there what he planned to wear to his wedding. Let's cut straight to the heart of the matter, Chili moves faster than his Lovely Bride. We started at 10 a.m. on the wedding tuxedo mission.This demi-guy mannequin is right at the door. Chili walked in saying things like shawl collar jacket and satin lapels. Immediately, no hesitation. The knowledgeable tux-hostess could barely get the options out on the table.
These are the delightful people who served at THE Engagement Party. And they look dashing and professional in the bow-ties and vests.Cumberbund. I'm not wearing a vest. I want cumberbunds, black. First tux-related words out of his mouth. And cumberbund it is. It is now roughly 10:07. Our tux hostess said "This faille- edged lapel is a little dif..." I want the satin lapel. Black. 10:07 and 30 seconds."There are a couple of options on the shirt collar, the wing..." The collar that lays flat, the small tucks on the shirt. Trouble ahead, crooked tie. "Pre-tied bow?" Yes, absolutely. Hang on, a murmur from the Lovely Bride. Wait, Chili is puzzled. Not so the Lovely Bride. Sweet voiced yet firm: "I like the bow ties that you tie yourself. They look better, not crooked. " Chili wonders - So, who is going to tie them? because none of the guys I know can tie them. Someone will be there just to tie the ties, no problem. Black silk, self tie bow ties it is. Chili is a wise, wise man. Look who's smiling.OK, just to make sure we have considered the options - also so we can call it 'shopping' - let's just look at these silver ties. So the tux-hostess did hurriedly re-dress some mannequins in the silver ties with the cumberbunds, and the white ties and cumberbunds too. I think she was afraid he would just walk out the door if she didn't move fast enough. That took a solid 6 or 7 minutes. I want the black cumberbunds and the black silk ties, that you tie yourself. "Do you need shoes?" Yes, not loafers, not shiny. Where's the paperwork?And, we're done. By the clock on the wall, it's all of 10:47. Purely, for reference , to find the wedding-day attire for the Lovely Bride, 5 stores across 2 states, 2 road trips, and this is an estimate, trying on 127 gowns . . . get to this smile. It was all about the dress at the top of the stairs. She knew exactly what she wanted too. It just took a little longer and a few more stops.And here you have it, one store, one stop. This is the tux, only the tie will not be crooked. Two button jacket, modified notch satin lapel, ivory shirt with flat collar, black cumberbund, black silk bow-tie (self tie) non-shiny oxford tux shoes, no pocket square. Add a white tee-shirt underneath and black dress socks.

Chili has spoken, in roughly 32 minutes. The rest of the time was spent on the paperwork. And some conversation about baseball, while waiting.For the record, we could have chosen this, but we didn't. It might have been the lack of the cumberbund. And . . Chili's going to be watching tennis while we talk about the flowers.


TheCottonWife said...

Yay for weddings!! I love watching people in the process of choosing wedding stuff.

Cheap Men Suits said...

I love party and I love tuxedos. I love two button suits, and I want to become a designer too.

stephanie Roberson said...

where was the lavender suite found?I luv it and would like 2 get one for our wedding