Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What we know about MEN'S lacrosse

This is what I know about men's lacrosse. It is a 'spring sport', which means it starts in the dead of winter. When they play, it is most often very cold, or very hot. There are sticks and a small, very hard ball. They wear shorts and some meager pads, and throw the ball from stick to stick. They whack at each other with the sticks. Obviously, we aren't talking about women's lacrosse today. Another day.
As a mom, what I know is that before the games or the practices, Young Son had best get plenty of fluids, days ahead, and eat a protein rich diet. Otherwise, between the running, and the sweating, and the breeze, and the sweating...he will fall out, get dizzy, get light headed, something short of passing out. Also, I know that the uniforms have to be clean, and we need the mouth guards.
They stand around and talk to each other, while holding the big sticks, and wearing the fierce looking uniforms. Not 'fierce' like Project Runway; 'fierce' like big and mean looking. When the game is over, they are very sweaty, but smiling. Happy boys have just played lacrosse and had fun. This must have been a HOT day, look at those shirts. But they are smiling because they prepared for the game by eating a high protein diet all day, drinking plenty of fluids all day long, generally preparing their young and agile physiques for the task at hand. They prepared well and did not faint. They played a good many games, ended up looking this happy many times, and the varsity team won the state championship. Then they had a party.Here's Young Son watching the varsity celebrate the victory with his friend, Big Russ. Watching is the operative word. Non-varsity did not participate visibly in the celebratory events at the party. I don't think they even ate protein. Not so smiley, this night, were they? They watched. AND, I thought it was over.

WRONG answer, Mom! It's never over. Now we're in SUMMER LEAGUE LAX. Not the airport, Silly, lax is the abrev. for lacrosse. And I'll use it, because it's so much shorter and easier.Of course, the standing in the field, holding the big sticks. And some running around with the sticks... and of course the whacking.
And the talking...and intense game-watching. In summer league there are neither set teams, nor uniforms. It's somewhow more summerish.But what's this? Young Son is sitting down? On the table? Red face?Big Russ is taking a break too. Not to worry. Everyone is hot tonight. Also the talking. Big Russ is on his feet. Evidently some compelling summer lax action....that did NOT cause Young Son to rise to the occasion.
Something compelling enough for Big Russ to go looking for his helmet. Heat or not, it's time to get back to the running and the hitting and the whacking. Young Son is interested, but not moving.Pretty Pretty Princess and her friend Stargazer....did not notice a thing.
This was Young Son, for the rest of the game. WHY is that, Young Son? What might you have eaten today? Didn't you get plenty of fluids on board ahead of time? In preparation for this hour of lax on a hot summer night, Young Son had - all day - a bowl of cheerios, a blueberry muffin, and about 9 brownies. PPP is on a baking binge. Oh, and he had some water. So, for Young Son, sitting on the table and chatting casually with his friends is WAY BETTER than falling face down in the dirt - sorry, the turf - so, that's what he did - he sat and talked. After he played a fierce first half...or so. The manly kind of fierce.
They sweat a lot and talk alot in this other sport too. Is it just me, or did they grow a lot between September and June? Just asking.

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