Thursday, August 28, 2008

Queen of multi-tasking

I reside no longer at the pinnacle of multi-tasking perfection. I have believed...for a long time.... that I AM the ultimate multi-tasker. A ROCK STAR in the multi-tasking world.
I can multi-task in the kitchen. I could probably work for Top Chef.
I can manage 6 washers , which is like 20 loads of laundry at the laundromat. (The laundromat is my friend ...don't tell, but I LIKE the laundromat because it's fast, and all the heat stays there. My family does not share this sentiment.) I can even multi-watch football and any other sport. Amend that to say that I can BE at the Young Son's football game and be doing a few other things. They are all sick of me taking pictures. Maybe approaching angry.
I can plan a party for about 200 people. (Hey, I was teaching school then! Further evidence that I am slipping.)

But what I apparently CANNOT do is teach school and write here at the same time.
That's disappointing, since there are so many things going on in PPP's life, since she's a senior and all that.
I'd love to be writing about The Sophisticate, who is student teaching. Her stories remind me why I ever started teaching. I need reminding.
And BigB? Man, he's had a lot going on. (Stalker pics...absolutely not at all BigB himself. Just so you know.)
The Young Son is playing football this, he's actually practicing football, watching football film, and ...chatting, maybe? That's his summary of it anyway. I am going with 'helmet hair.'I'm horrified at my newfound slacker status. I haven't been able to get it together to:
  • Post grades
  • Post homework

  • Learn our new website/student info system/homework posting place

  • Learn the new on-line everything spot at PPP's school

  • Organize and attend 3 Parent Orientations at my school and one at my own children's school (1 more to go)

  • Teach (4 DIFFERENT classes)

  • Grade papers

  • Coordinate the ordering of 9 bridesmaids dresses for Chili and his Lovely Bride

  • Get the previously prepared dinner out and ready

  • Sleep or wash my hair (kidding, I washed my hair last night)
DEEP BREATH....and write and publish post here. I can do all those other things at the same time, I just can't do those things AND this. I can't figure it out. I'm losing my touch. No longer the queen of multi-tasking. Not me. Not anymore. I surrender the title to someone else.

For now.


kikibibi said...

Oh dear, you'll come back when you can. Believe it or not, in a very short span of time, you will be right back in the swing of things and summer will be but a distant memory. Now MORE THAN EVER is the time to blog - especially regarding PPP's senior year! This will be a great chronicle for her to look back on years from now and will help preserve her memories of this special time (hey there's an idea - she can be guest blogger sometimes! homework shmomework, blogging's a great way to procrastinate all the other things one is supposed to be doing!).

Angeline said...

*Phew!* That's a whole lot of stuff to handle!

Anonymous said...

I am so right there with's like I get home in the afternoon and my brain is just fried!