Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Make Her a Supermodel - Senior Picture Edition

Pretty Pretty Princess had her Senior Picture made. Perhaps we should call it her "Senior Portrait" . . . we might also call it her only portrait. No, we had one made when she was about 2. In Mimi's yard, holding a flower, in a white batiste and lace dress. I'm not sure I know where that portrait is. However, my Young Son knew exactly where it was, it was on FACEBOOK. Somehow, I wouldn't have thought to look on Facebook. As she is child #many in this family, we have maybe not spent enough time taking her portrait. Other than school pictures, and we homeschooled for 4 years in the middle of that. So...that makes this a BIG DEAL. She woke up early for a summer day - so she wouldn't look like she 'just woke up.' Personally, I couldn't figure out any other way to avoid looking like one just woke up, than by...simply waking up earlier. Although at this point, she is still apparently waiting for the coffee to kick in, and the sleepy-puffy to start fading away . Waiting to look awake.That's some fierce hair, post curlers. That would be Project Runway 'fierce' rather than Men's Lax 'fierce.' Don't worry....it won't stay that way long. In fact it may not even make it through the photo shoot. In the dressing room of the studio, there was momentary angst over the hair - half up or down? Half up. And yes, those are tan lines, she is not wearing a pale pink swim suit. We are hopeful that Mr. Ross, the photographer, will be able to ....smoothe those out.
Some concern over some other hair related thing. Big discussion over the necklace. Pearls or not pearls? Clearly it was 'no pearls' but a necklace of mine.....an heirloom. But the pearls were in the bag, just in case. And Mr. Ross has pearls also, just in case.
Now THAT's not intimidating is it? The little stool with all the lights. And everyone else talking to you from the dark? And he even graciously let me take photos of the process. I had my engagement picture made in this very studio, a few years ago, when the other Mr. Ross, the dad, was taking the pictures. And we don't live in a really small town.
So, he's going to get that hair just right. As usual, she did have to listen to Mr. Ross and I tell wedding war stories, as he was a wedding photographer for many years. Wait, I meant to say 'wedding LOVE stories' - there are no wedding war stories. We weren't actually paying attention to her. Which she knew.And again, one more adjustment. And a comment about how much PPP and The Sophisticate look alike. Also, proof positive that she is wearing makeup on her eyes. And here we go...and go again, and again...about 87 shots worth, maybe. Or more. And some conversation about Mr. Ross's daughter who is a good friend of The Sophisticate. When The Sophisticate got her Senior Picture made, it wasn't here. They took her away down a long dark hall, far, far away, and kept her for about 3 minutes.... we had to get someone ELSE to take the Senior Picture a couple of months later. PPP spent a lot of time getting ready, and Mr. Ross and I spent a lot of time talking about other things, but he's a professional, so his won't have blurry spots. . . ....and the portrait is going to be fabulous.


Liz said...

Such a beautiful daughter! You must be so proud.

Hyacinth said...

Hyacinth here (from PW!)...couldn't resist looking up my son't bride-to-be! :) Beautiful daughter! Thanks for a fun post!