Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Wedding Party

Let's talk about being a MEMBER OF THE WEDDING party - specifically, the clothes for the actual wedding and what to do about it 5 months out. Being in the wedding is more than just going to fabulous parties, though there have been some pretty fabulous parties. The bride and groom get to pick what the wedding party will wear in the wedding. The picking itself is an adventure. Because I am a wedding planner, I know this stuff. Really, really well. I know it thoroughly, if not more than that.Once the picking is done, the wedding party members send their measurements, and the correct attire is ordered. It's altered shortly before the wedding, so that everything is perfect. That's what we are going for - PERFECTION on the wedding day.

Since Chili and his Lovely Bride have worked hard to pick out the attire, let's use this wedding as an example of some basic rules of being in the wedding. If you are NOT in this wedding, but fell into reading this, take what you like make it work for your situation. And, just for fun, though neither Chili nor his Lovely Bride are my own children, three of the four offspring born to me are somewhere amongst all these pictures. Can you find them?
What exactly constitutes the wedding party?
Because there will be even more fabulous parties - for this wedding and lots more weddings to come. This is not that. The wedding party consists of the bride and groom, the honor attendants (maid/matron of honor and the best man), bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers (often the same) and the parents of the bride and groom. Family members, friends, readers, singers, all of you are near and dear, but are not technically the wedding party.
So - here are some guidelines. If I were being harsher, I might call them rules. But I'm not. Guidelines though, not suggestions.
1. Respond quickly when asked for your measurments for wedding wear. We want it here on time, not FedExing stuff all over the globe at the last minute. Most wedding wear is made in China these days. And they are hosting the Olympics. 2. Alterations? Ladies, the dresses can be shipped to me (and you got the instructions) or you, and will be altered to fit just you. If you don't know an alterations person, I will help you find one. That would be me doing the finding, the Wedding Lady. Gentlemen, send in your measurements, then the tuxes will get a personal fitting when you get here the actual weekend of the wedding. That will NOT be me, but the tux people.
3. Shoes? Ladies - silvery colored shoes or strappy sandals of your very own will look lovely with a dress this icy silvery-blue color. Heel height, your choice, but remember that you want to walk gracefully, and be able to stand up for a good long while...and dance.
For example, (as in you don't have to have these particular shoes) these shoes are pretty plain, silvery, and cost $19.99 at Rack Room. And PPP got a lot of mosquito bites on her trip to Mexico. No dyed-to-match shoes for girls on this go-round.

Gentlemen, yours will be black tux shoes from the tux place - on the little form, fill that shoe-size box in. You will need black dress socks (not black athletic socks). No Converse All-Stars. No loafers with no socks. Not this time. Look at those straps on that pretty blue dress - looks like a halter doesn't it? Fooled you! Straps in the back too, though not regular ones. The back is low. Plan accordingly, with the wide variety of strapless or changeable strap configurations out there in 'ladies lingerie.' None of that visibility we have going on up there. 5. Remember, the camera is everywhere. Consume accordingly.6. Don't you hate a crooked bow tie? A brightly colored vest or trendy looking formal wear? No "trendy" and no "edgy" for Chili, he's about as traditional as it gets. Chili's bride is concerned about that crooked faux-bow tie. Self-tie black silk will be the order of the day, it will come with your tux - you have roughly five months to master the art of the bow tie. Or not. We'll have a bow tie specialist on site and ready on wedding day.

7. Get yourself measured. Do it today. Don't guess. Actually measure. It's a proven system that works. Today, measure TODAY. Guys, you can usually walk into any tux shop in any town with your little slip of paper and they will measure you, just because you asked. Ask nicely.

8. Don't you hate it when a tux shirt is thin and just...thin? Gentlemen, let's solve that problem by planning to wear a plain white tee-shirt beneath the tux shirt, though NOT a tee-shirt imprinted with the slogan from homecoming weekend, 2004 - Go Dawgs! or something fraternity-esque.

9. Ladies, do you know my girlfriend Spanx? If not, make her acquaintance; she's a great friend to every garment you own. My BFF Spanx makes any dress slide over your hips no matter how thin and trim your derrierre may be. If this is your first encounter with my BFF Spanx, you will thank me forever.

10. Did I mention how great it is to send those measurements back immediately, so that no one has to track you down. Seriously. Today would be good.
Because THIS is the look you want to see on The Lovely Bride's Face. And Dr. Lovely Bride's Face as well. Chili wants to see that look too. So, let's all do ourselves a favor here and respond promptly. The rest of you - thanks for listening.


Rue said...

Hi Ann :)

You have to be related to me LOL I wish I would've had a blog to remind those that are taking their time or not paying attention to certain things before the wedding. I hope they get measured today ;)


Liz said...

Wow! That first picture is stunning!!!

What Happens Next said...

Wiser words were never spoken. All of them.

Amen. :)

Debbie said...

Hi Ann. I only have a second, but I wanted to stop by and say thanks to you for stopping by yesterday. I will make my way back here to check things out!

Converse all stars said...

Are there seriously men out there wanting to wear Converse shoes to weddings?!

angie said...

What great guidelines and peak into the wedding.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I highly DOUBT it was your daughter. This person REALLy was clueless. :) Plus she had a different skin color than your children.