Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Books for Sale! Texts, homeschool, guilty pleasures reading

Look at all these books. The whole story of why those books are there is either below this, or here. I am trying to find the prices that I put on Amazon, it's a struggle. I will update the list regularly, until I get all the books on there. Amazon takes a hefty piece of the pie, and for it's hard work, sends me an automated email. I do dearly love Amazon, but seriously? $3.04 on a book that sells for $4.50? Seriously? Izzy, Meredith, George...Seriously?

They are in no particular order. If you want one, e-mail me at I have written the password down now, so that issue is solved. Or, go on over to Amazon, where you can get the same book from me, only they will get all the money for the book and I will still do all the work.

A bordo: Glencoe Spanish 2: ISBN 0026461188
A bordo: Writing Activities Workbook and Student Tape Manual, 002646120x - somehow, there are 2 of these.
Student Solutions Manual, Judith Penna, to accompany College Algebra ISBN 032123698x
Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge isbn 0866099654
Western Civilization: Sources, Images, Interpretations, vol II. isbn 0072565659
Global Insights, People and Cultures isbn: 002822689 (somehow we have 2 of them)
SG Anderson's Business Law and the Legal Environment, Thomson Learning isbn - 0324326106
Understanding American Governament (Study Guide) paper isbn - 159602237x
Homeschool Books
Saxon Math

Algebra 1/2 An Incrememental Development, 3rd edition (blue with blue) Hardcover text, solutions manual, homeschool packet.
Saxon Math 76 - 3rd edition, (blue with yellow) hardcover text; homestudy packet - answers; test forms
Saxon Math 65, 2nd edition, (blue with silver); home study packet (answers)
Saxon Math 54, 2nd edition (magenta with silver) hardcover text; homestudy packet (answers)
Writing Strands: Challenging writing projects for homeschoolers , level 4
(paperback) $8
Ancient Civilizations and the Bible: A Biblical World History Curriculum, volume I - from Creation to Christ $12
Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Vol I, Activity Book
Easy Writing (yellow book) two levels, elementary - high school basic skills "teaching students how to write more complex sentence structures" $12
Saxon Math 87 - (red with gold) hardcover text
The Human Body: God's Design for Life isbn 0972536515 -$8
Educating the Whole Hearted Child, Clarkson - isbn 1888692006 $10
Homeschooling The Teen Years isbn0761520937 $8

Guilty Pleasures Books - these are all paperbacks that have been read - $2 + shipping - 3/$5 - or maybe I will pay you to take them. No judgment on the book choices.
Lullaby, Ed McBain
Digital Fortress, Dan Brown
Charade, Sandra Brown
Where There's Smoke, Sandra Brown
The Ice Maiden, Edna Buchanan
Dead Ringer, Lisa Scottolione
Find Me Again, Sylvia Maultash Warsh

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